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"OK, so I bought this book, even though I was sure it was not going to work. I figured I would be posting a comment here telling you that. Heck, I was wrong. The “One Move Technique” is unbelievable. It’s so simple, why hasn’t anyone else told me about this before. I feel so much more in control and not consumed with fear about my next panic attack. You were right. I really thought this was going to be a bunch of hype, but you were right. thank you, and definitely thanks to Joe Barry!"

Lisa Jackson,
Seatle, USA
 From Kelly: Celebrating 1st Anniversary Free From Anxiety and Panic Attacks!
 RE: Remedy For My 'Anxiety & Panic Attacks'
Do you ever suffer from a fearful thought you can't seem to get off your mind?

Probably it's a fear of :

  • a spontaneous panic attack
  • never being free of general anxiety
  • a certain anxious bodily sensation that worries you
  • a fear of losing control
  • fear of leaving your house (Agoraphobia)
  • fear of flying
  • fear of driving
  • fear of public speaking
  • fear of enclosed spaces & etc

You would be surprised at how many people go to the hospital emergency room completely sure that they’re having a heart attack only to find out that it’s a panic attack.  They’re that intense!

Besides, it's very difficult for your loved ones to imagine or even understand what you are going through when you have a panic attack.  They may lose patience with you, tell you to “get over it”, or think you’re faking. 

Hey, Kelly here. If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks I know exactly how you are feeling, because I suffered for 8 years until I found a way of stopping it all and living a normal life again. I'll show you my real life experience on how I managed to put my panic and anxiety attacks under control in just 7 Days without any anti-depression medications but using a self-help program.

If you are short of time, you can download the program I used to end my anxiety and panic attacks by going to the link provided, or alternatively read my full story below...


I spend desperate 8 years trying to control my anxiety and panic attacks without getting addicted to drugs, and it wasn't easy. No Sir!! I don't think the doctors understand how we feel or how treat us - they just give us the drugs that get paid to give us. That's my opinion anyway. I don't know if it's true. . .

Before I tell you about that it's important that you hear my story, because there are different types of anxiety and if yours is like mine, then what I found could also help you. If you get panic attacks for no apparent reason or suddenly feel very anxious, then that also happened to me. They didn't last long, but they ruled my entire life. Here is my story - is it also yours?

Why My Story Will Shock You... And How After Struggling For 8 Years, I Discovered A Remedy That Literally Helped Me To STOP My Anxiety And Panic Attacks...

If my story shocks you, then perhaps you aren't like me, and my discovery might not help you, but if not then you likely suffer as I did, and you are going to be absolutely delighted with the information I am going to give you. It took me only 7 days of medication-free treatment to get me over 8 years of hell, but here is my story. . .

The Beginning...The Nightmare

It started in college. I was 20 years old, and I was recovering after a heatstroke attack. I don't know if this was part of it or not, but soon after I was in class and felt my heart start to beat a lot faster than usual. I felt really bad and had to get out of the classroom. I just felt totally out of it, and didn't know it was a panic attack obviously, and I had no idea what was wrong or why it was happening.

My doctor told me I had a panic attack, and at the time I thought he was joking. I had heard of panic attacks but thought they were for people with psychological problems or worries that were too much for them. I never had any of that, and the heat stroke was the only thing I could think of. I thought I would soon get over it, but how wrong I was. That was just the beginning.

The Inevitable

I now know the rest was inevitable. It happened more often - shopping malls, cinemas, parties and even at home. There didn't seem to be any reason or any trigger. It just happened. If this is you, then read on because there is more to come.

The way it would work would be that I would be OK, perhaps in a crowd with my friends, when I would feel my heart starting to beat faster and faster: I would feel in a panic that is hard to describe. Time speeded up and I couldn't swallow - my throat seemed to swell up, though it didn't really. I was in a shopping mall at the time, and I just ran out. It only lasted 5 minutes, but at that point I decided I had to get some proper treatment.

The Treatment - Therapy

I started seeing a therapist, and each session I talked to myself while she took notes of what I was saying. She then made me do breathing exercises and really didn't do much at all. I stopped after a few sessions because she was doing nothing for me. I got the idea she hadn't a clue how to treat me, and suggested that Paxil CR would help. I didn't know it then, and she didn't say, but that that is a trade name for paroxetine hydrochloride that creates suicidal tendencies in teenagers - just what I needed!

The Chemical Solution (or Suicide)

Luckily the Paxil gave me stomach problems so I didn't feel like killing myself, but I then went onto Zoloft (setraline hydrochloride), Klonopin (another benzodiazepine) and a few others. They seemed to have no clue at all what to prescribe, and everything I was given was going to give me withdrawal symptoms. I was beginning to think that the suicide pills might be the best to take! I didn't know that all of these tended to give young adults such feelings.

To be truthful, the Zoloft was the best, and appeared to work at first but it was likely just a placebo effect, because my panic attacks and anxiety came back. However, I did get a bit excited because, for a short time at least, I felt normal again. I could go out without feeling panic. However, Zoloft has a side effect of appetite loss, and I got it in spades. I lost my appetite after a few weeks and started getting dizzy - I don’t know if that was the drugs or not eating, but it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

Forced to Leave Home

Then something terrible happened to me during all of this. You would think life had dealt me a bum hand already, but my dad died (he was 54) and my step mother kicked me out of the house. A terrible thing for a young woman on top of what I already had to cope with. She must have been waiting! I cried my eyes out for days, started drinking when I was 20 and found that alcohol cured my anxiety very effectively. I drank constantly for another 3 years, and my blood pressure rocketed to 160 over 100 when it was normally a lot lower than that.

By then my stress had come back, and the alcohol wasn't helping much. My doctor told me that blood pressure pills would be too dangerous to take with my panic attacks treatment, so I tried exercise. It didn't help, nor did cutting down the alcohol. My blood pressure still hit these dangerously high levels and that's when I decide to attend a mental health center.

The Mental Health Center

The doctor there prescribed me them all: Paxil, Xanax, Celexa - you name it I had it. I informed my doctor that I had Xanax before and it was the only one that had ever had any effect on me. The rest were useless. The nurse told me that doctors are given all these drugs to sell with incentives to sell them - they get vacations, hotel rooms and even checks to sell them, and while I didn't know that at the time I can well believe it, since no doctor that treated me tried to find the best solution - they just bombarded me with drugs and didn't explain any side effects - suicidal tendencies, appetite loss, digestion problems, dependence - you name it, they had it.

I insisted he give me something else, and he gave me Celexa - I read that is for severe depression and affects your brain. Its side-effects include drowsiness, insomnia, hallucinations. . . I got all of these! I had very strange yawns and felt totally weird. He also gave me Klonopin with the same symptoms. When I went back to him, all he did was double my dosage (more money for him perhaps). So I complain about the side effects and he doubles my dosage?

The Chemical Soup

I ended up in ER. The side effects seemed to sedate me and the Klonopin helped the panic attacks, but the whole chemical soup made me far too tired. My doctor gave me Prozac. Well, that was a total disaster. . .

Then I went onto Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate) bat that didn't last long. It was too expensive. Just as well, because one its side effects was causing suicidal tendencies. If they can't cure they kill you! Then back to Celexa, them onto Klonopin and finally back to Paxil and Klonopin. The Paxil seemed OK, but after a few weeks I go dizzy and weak and was back in ER. Then back onto Klonopin and Paxil. I gave up, and was really contemplating ending it all when something happened to change my mind.

AT Last - A Cure!

One of my very few real friends had seen something online, and brought it to my attention. I checked out what it had to say and got really excited. Finally I had found something that helped me in a big way. Until then I had never been truly free from my panic attacks, and anxiety had always been part of my life. It was dreadful nor being able to live a normal life and I can understand how many young people killed themselves while on these drugs. I made a conscious decision to find my own cure - the doctors were doing nothing but getting me hooked on every drug in the book.

A friend suggested that I try something she had read about: a program of treatment for panic attacks that was almost guaranteed to work. I didn't believe her of course, but my skepticism didn't go so far as to dissuade me from trying it - I was ready to try anything by then. I read about it and decided to give it a try after being impressed by the positive reviews it received. It certainly cost less than all these drugs!

I discovered a method of relieving anxiety that involved no drugs and no other form of medication. I followed this program for several days and was astounded by the results. Within a week I was seeing improvements in the frequency of my attacks, and it has been over a year now since my last attack. It wasn't easy to understand at first, but there was a great deal of help given and I soon picked up the way it worked. After that I found it easy and I never thought I would ever feel like this again.

The Course and How it Works

The name of the treatment is 'One Move Technique TM' developed from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It is a self-help course that does away with doctors and their chemical soups. I learn not only how to tolerate the attacks but also to cure them. This is a structured method to control and get yourself prepared for the next panic attack and eventually they go away - for good. I feel so great that I want to share what I have found with everybody that felt the same as I did. However, I can't tell you any more here because I don't have the legal permission to do so.

Take my word for it: this does work, and if you feel even half as I did, then you would jump at the chance. If you don't then you haven't gone through what I have yet, but you will. You can my word for that, and I don't blame you for not believing me. Keep this reference though, because a time will come when you will try anything just to be normal again, and then you will thank me.

I know it!


Kelly Dunkin


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